‘My daughter was out today, riding one of Dickie Jeffrey’s horses.  She had an absolutely wonderful time, quite the best way to spend your last day of being 14!  What makes today, and her previous outings with he CVNNH, so special is the way everyone speaks to her even though she know next to no-one.  She was made up today to be asked where she normally hunts – the answer is nowhere, at home she rides at a stables where we go round the school endlessly and the Y&A(South) don’t have countryside like you do.  Dickie and Jane provide her with the chance to ‘do something different’ and today has quite clearly been an absolute blast for her.  We will try to get back up to hunt, sadly the opening meet is the day after we head back to Yorkshire but there will be other chances.  A copy of the meet list would be incredibly helpful so that we can see what we might fit in – Ellie is a very competitive and able sailor and we have to fit everything into the diary and make it work as best we can! Kind regards and here’s to a great hunting season, Jennie’

‘Your daughter, Ellie was a pleasure to have out on the hunting field today.  She is a jolly good rider and quite fearless bowling over the mountains.  she kept up and rode home at the end with the hounds, so what more could you ask.  We hope she can make it out again this season and of course we can provide you with a copy of the meet list. As I’m sure you will appreciate, the location of our forthcoming meets is a confidential document, which I would much prefer to post to your address rather than put it on an email.  Happy Birthday, Ellie’