News of a very busy week in February 2019

“Today we competed at the Berwickshire cross-country at Duns Castle in a team chase. The team consisted of Alexandra, Mel, Jeremy and Louisa. The ground was very heavy and very snowy but in the end we came 3rd. A very pleasing result due to us never competing as a team together.” Alexandra Carrington

Also, Sunday was the day of the CVNNH Point-to-Point which was well supported.  Thank you very much to all of you who helped out on the day.

The day before, the CVHSC held the Hunt Breakfast at the last meet of the season. The winner of the raffle for a Magnum of Champagne was our regular car follower Eddie Patterson, the winner of the hip flask competition was our local brewing expert Walter Brown with his Blueberry Gin, and we’re hoping he will bring it in his hip flask next season when mounted on his two wheeled steed.

Last Thursday the NNHSC held a very successful Curry Supper with a talk by Sir Johnny Scott  about ‘Clarissa and the Countryman’.

And The Wynnstay visited on Tuesday, not to be put off by the weather this year.  This was to mark the retirement of their huntsman, Richard Tyack. There were 60 people on horseback at the meet. Everyone enjoyed their day out in the hills despite the rain.