Gaslight Supreme Champion

This year’s Lowther show took place on a grim and dreary day. Daddy, Mary and I came with low expectations in our wellington boots. As we entered the foxhound car park we met a large Asian man who swiftly let us through and led us into a boggy field with an old couple who were being pulled out by a massive 470 hp john deer tractor with big tracks. We came away with a few rosettes in the first few classes but didn’t really make the top three. It was getting on towards lunchtime when Andrew Proe slipped over in the ring (hunting boots are very slippy when it’s wet) and then, as if by magic, our fortunes changed.  The unentered dog and bitch classes went to College Valley hounds Landlord and Ladybird. One of the puppies that I walked two years ago, called Gaslight, was named champion entered bitch, hill hound champion and, to our complete surprise, supreme champion of the show. By the end of the day Andrew’s coat was covered in rosettes as well as mud. It took us hours to get home thanks to an overturned lorry and a landslide, but we didn’t mind because it was such a great day.