Kennels House Langholm Toll Week 1

Paul and his team of enthusiastic volunteers have come out of the starting stalls at a heck of a speed. Very many thanks to all those who have donated time, energy, ideas, resources and gifts to help us firmly on our way.  Names not mentioned for fear of missing someone out! Please read Paul's report of Week 1 below.


“Astonishingly, here we are not even one week into the refurbishment of Langhom Toll Cottage, and real momentum has been built up.

‘Cooking on gas ‘ is a term often used to describe a speedy and progressive undertaking and I for one can say we are cooking on gas!

We have made  progress both inside and out:

-          cutting back hedges

-          felling trees

-          removal of old sheds surplus to requirements

-          gardening and evening up the ground in preparation for a planted garden.


Whilst there is still more to be done, we could not have hoped for better weather conditions and a better team working outside. The demolition of the front porch was essential  owing to its decay which leads us fittingly to inside the house. Another bond of enthusiasm in here; wallpapers being stripped, holes and cracks being filled. Upstairs they have even got as far painting rooms with the agreed new colour for every wall and ceiling throughout….pure brilliant White!

Downstairs a team have been working hard removing the bathroom and internal walls as well as introducing our first tradesman on the job, Matt Lee to open the pantry wall to the rear creating a new corridor into which will be a utility / boot / office room (previously the kitchen).

The plan for the living room - again holes filled, paint on walls and new floor covering to come. The dining room is to become a kitchen / diner with work well on its way.

Our timetable is evolving by the minute and moving forward. Work days next week are set to be Monday , Wednesday and Friday from 10am onwards. If anyone feels any of the tasks above appeals to them, please do get in touch with me and come along."