Covid-19 Update on Guidance for Hunting 25th November 2020

Public perception - The perception of Hunting activities is critical especially during a time of continued national sensitivity. The public mood is still very fragile especially as increasing numbers of areas face tighter restrictions. The Government legislation permits Hunting as an organised outdoor sporting activity, however we remain conscious of social licence and will continue to monitor the impact our ongoing activities have on it.

Our main priorities remain Social Distancing and Public Perception. You must remain as low-key as possible, avoid roads, and avoid areas of possible congestion, such as villages.

Social Distancing – All followers must respect to Social Distancing at all times. This is particularly important on or near roads, in gateways or in other areas of potential congestion. Hunt officials must communicate this clearly and ensure all followers adhere to social distancing protocols.

Meets – There should be no meets of any kind until further notice. The start of the day, as well as the day􏰀s activities, should remain away from public areas or villages, as well as away from roads wherever possible.

Hunting Dress 􏰁 There should be no red coats out Hunting (this includes Hunt Staff and the mounted field. Hunts should also consider asking their followers to continue to hunt in tweed or ratcatcher. This is an evolving situation and will be kept under constant review.

Visiting 􏰁 Visiting is permitted if Covid compliance rules are strictly observed. Hunts must only allow visitors who book in advance and must record all details for Track and Trace. No one should travel into or out of a Very High Risk (Tier 3) area to hunt with any pack. Masters are not permitted to take their Hounds to hunt in other Hunt countries until further notice, unless by invitation of a neighbouring Hunt Club. Any queries regarding visiting, please contact Richard Tyacke or Mark Hankinson.

Three Tier Alert Levels (England) -
Medium (Tier 1) and High (Tier 2) Alert Areas: Organised outdoor sporting activities such as Hunting, can

take place providing they are conducted in a Covid secure manner.

Very High (Tier 3) Alert Areas: People must not travel into or out of a Very High Alert area to participate in any Hunting activities (excluding Hunt Staff who can travel to carry out Hunting related work). This restriction includes travelling into or out of an adjacent Tier 3 area. Hunt countries that span multiple different tier levels should contact the Hunting Office if they have any queries about their operations.

Clarification on participant numbers 􏰁 In England, Hunting activities can go ahead with any number of participants, providing Social Distancing between each and every person is maintained at all times. For the benefit of Public Perception, participants should form groups of no more than six. In Wales and Scotland the limit of 30 participants remains in place.

Foot Followers 􏰁 foot / car followers are part of the Hunting activities and therefore should have their details recorded for Track and Trace purposes. When observing hounds from a road or public highway, all foot / car followers should remain in groups of no more than six.

The Hunting Office has put this guidance together to assist hunts in organising their hunting days. It is dependent on overarching Government guidance and hunts should make sure that their number one priority is to remain within the Government regulations at all times.