Festival of Hunting – Hunt Prize Draw.

Awards and Scholarships

Lycetts has been a proud supporter of the Festival of Hunting over recent years, and we were very sad not to be able to enjoy the day as usual this year. I appreciate that the CVNNH do not attend the Festival. However, we are still committed to supporting hunts where possible and have recently launched a competition to win a £1,000.

We are offering one hunt the opportunity to win £1000, which can then be spent as required on something to benefit the hunt – it could be new rugs for the horses, clothing for hunt staff, a new mounting block, or some tins of paint to spruce up the kennels. I can think of a number of things to spend it on, namely the lining of the chimney’s at Langholm Toll!

It is really easy to enter, just follow the link below. It only takes a few moments to enter and the winner will be drawn at random on Friday 20th November at the Peterborough Royal Foxhound Show Society AGM. https://festivalofhunting.com/hunt-prize-draw/