12y/o IDxTB gelding approx. 18hh
Bought 3 years ago with only 1 owner before me, he has proven to be exceptionally brave on the hunt field.
He has completed 5 seasons hunting and done the odd day in the remaining years. 
Has jumped 1.10m on a ticket, UA evented and team chased. In his early years did compete up to Novice dressage however this wasn’t a real interest for either owner; he would be more than happy to never school again as it is not his forte. 
Never bucked/reared/napped/etc. Stands like a rock to be clipped, plaited, shod, etc. 
This horse is the most fabulous hunter; he will jump any ditch, hedge, wire with no hesitation. No fence is too big. Really straightforward to a fence and safe as houses, will gallop all day or pull up in a field of galloping horses no problem. He’s not a stopper, will help his rider out and do everything to get to the other side. 

He has done most his hunting with the Readyfield. Very recently relocated to Lincolnshire Alford area. Sound as a pound and never sick or sorry.
Shortly after purchase he had an operation for Kissing spines which was successful (X-ray available) and has been back in full work for 2 years since – this injury is reflected in price. 
Managed and ridden by a teenage girl – mannerly enough for a lady but due to size he would happily carry a man.
Not a fussy horse – real workmanlike attitude. Never nasty just won’t stand all day to be cuddled and fussed over – wants to get on with the job. 
Really laid back character, never any different if you ride him everyday or once a month. Typical easy going Irish lad. 
Golden in traffic, has always lived on farms with heavy machinery and a variety of farm animals none of which phase him.  
Heartbreaking sale of a much loved horse, unfortunately due to being a young girl and wanting a career change he’s no longer the right horse for me. 
Open to a sensible offer – bought for 5 figures and if it wasn’t for the injury would still be worth this. Transport may be available. 

If you know of anyone who would be interested please do forward my email or text me on 07929369952 (signal isn’t always good enough for calls where I live but welcome to call).